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Complete / Partial Rewire

If you renovating your property or even adding a few rooms:

  • we can design your entire lighting and power system tailored to your needs
  • It will bring it up the latest 17th Edition requirements making it safer for your family.

    Does your property need rewiring or altering?
    Things to look out for:

    • Is you wiring over 15 years old?
    • Do you still have rewire-able fuses?
    • No RCD protection?
    • Do cables or plugs get hot?
    • Do lights flicker?
    • Do fuses trip or blow for no reason?
    • Do you use twisted flex?
    • Do you have round type plugs and sockets?
    • Lots of extension leads run throughout the house?

    Need Help For a Complete or a Partial Rewire?

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