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Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting is Essential

Should the power fail or lighting circuits trip out a public area can suddenly fall into darkness.  
This may lead to panic leading onto dangers exiting the building.

Emergency lighting should automatically come on in the event of power failure, it will allow the following:

Emergency escape lighting

Light of sufficient level will illuminate

  • escape routes
  • escape route signs
  • changes in footing height along escape routes
  • change in direction when exiting the building
  • illuminate any exits
  • illuminate fire fighting equipment/alarm sounders.

Standby lighting

An emergency lighting system designed to enable normal activities to continue with minimal alteration to light levels.  Work can continue in a safe environment.

Emergency lighting systems need to be tested at regular intervals ensuring they are in working order and batteries keep fittings illuminated for the required amount of time.  

These monthly and annual tests should be recorded

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