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Fire Alarms

Safety in The Workplace

We can can put systems in place to keep your buisness and staff safe when things go wrong.

Fire, power cuts and burglaries are every day threats but installating quality warning and monitoring systems we can minimise damage and keep personnel out of harms way.

Detection Systems

Most commercial and industrial building are required to have fire alarm systems. Landlords of these properties and large residential premises are required to provide modern detection systems and test them regularly.
We can install and test a large variety of fire detection systems.  
These can be simple smoke detectors working along side intruder alarms in small offices or building to fully monitored smoke, fire and heat alarms systems.

Sounder Installation

 In smaller commercial properties a 2 wire systems is usually installed. Sounders and detectors are on the same circuit reducing costs.  Exact location of fire detection is not allowed.

In larger building the detection and sounders are installed on seperate circuits.  Both are addressable sending data back to a panal allowing locations of fire detection to be available

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