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Lighting Installation & Maintenance

Commercial Lighting Installations

The correct lighting can be functional, create an amazing visual display, create an atmosphere, change our mood and have an effect on behaviour and productivity.  
The correct fittings, light intensity and amount of fittings all need to be designed and considered.
Commercial lighting accounts for up to 40% of energy costs in some office buildings so using the correct energy efficient fittings will save you a large amount of money reducing overheads.  

Installation Cost Efficiency

Most companies utilise inefficient light which will consume a lot of energy, creating large electrical costs, the light quality is poor and the maintenance cost are high.  
Fluorescent fittings need their lamp, balasts and starters constantly replaced which is expensive.  
New LED technology will use less energy bringing down your electricity costs.

Lighting Environment

Lighting in the workplace is essential to create the correct environment for employees to carry out their daily activities, whether its an office, warehouse or outside environment.
 It is paramount for safety, work efficiency and simply to keep staff happy at work.  Offices need to be illuminated to the correct level, around 500 lux evenly accross the entire office.  
If the level varies in the room this will cause the eyes to constantly adjust, causing eye strain and fatigue.

Lighting in Warehouse Environment

Shop fronts and windows require specialised soft and hard light to highlight products.  This can be done using track lighting or specialist fixtures designed to make your products stand out.  
These can be moved and changed each time your display is updated.
In a warehouse environment LED highbay fittings can be used to flood the workplace and provide a well distributed and uniform light for open area.

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